Grengine™ UltraLite XC

Grengine™ UltraLite XC

Ultra-Portable Generator
with Exchangeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Available for pre-order now on Kickstarter, the Grengine Ultralite XC offers silent, fume-free power paired with one-of-a-kind exchangeable lithium-ion batter packs that can be detached from the generator for convenient charging.

Silent, Ultra-Portable Power Changes the Generator Game

Get ready to hit the trail, join the hunt or go off the grid with completely silent, ultra—lightweight portable power that you can take anywhere. The Grengine UltraLite XC is disrupting a marketplace previously overrun with noisy, noxious gas generators and bulky lead-acid battery generators—both of which can be harmful to the environment.

Leading the way in eco-friendly, lithium-ion technology, The Grengine UltraLite XC features completely silent, fume-free power with groundbreaking exchangeable battery packs. With this patented technology, you can swap in a fully charged backup when one battery runs out of juice, keeping the power going without requiring an entirely separate unit.Our service is astonishingly thin and light.

Save up to $400 on the UltraLite XC

Power Without
a Sound

Noiseless lithium-ion technology means you can power every device and every electronic in complete silence.

No Fumes,
No Fuss

Built eco-friendly, the UltraLite XC lithium-ion generator powers without the harmful fumes and bulky, messy canisters associated with gas generators.

Go Anywhere,
Indoors or Out

Because the UltraLite XC is lightweight, silent and fume-free, you can take it with you anywhere - inside or out.


For added convenience, batteries detach from the unit. This patented feature means you keep a backup battery charged to extend run time, and, when batteries reach end of life, you can keep the body and simply recycle the battery.