Public Benefit Mission

Looking past the bottom line.

At Growing Greener Innovations, it is our mission to help create a sustainable future for everyone. By lowering greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions we help to create a future which is sustainable for the people and the environment.


The primary benefit of our work is to create a clean energy source that will protect our quality of air from the millions of portable gasoline engines that release harmful noxious fumes into our atmosphere.


“No Impact Power” allows users, including outdoor enthusiasts and workers, to leave no trace of emissions or fumes on a campsite or a work site. This is especially important now as Albert Parks has indicated that their goal is to move to a full ban on fuel generators, which would make the battery generator the only solution for recreation. The Grengine is the only Power Stack technology choice for campers, who would have to otherwise bring multiple generators to a camp site to provide continuous power. Owners of the Grengine will only have to bring one generator and multiple 12 pound batteries which can easily be interchanged when more power is needed and hooked up to a solar panel to keep charging. Workers on Construction sites or even working on in their garage or garden at home, are exposed to harmful emissions and constant noise from small gas engines, affecting the neighborhood’s tranquil or peaceful atmosphere.


The Grengine is completely silent and does not produce any noise in comparison to a fuel powered generator that causes disruption during construction in quiet neighborhoods, on campsites and at outdoor events where power is required. It’s no fun trying to watch an outdoor movie when the sound is competing with the generator or watching a child jump on a bouncy castle to constant noise and fumes. Often the noise of the gas powered generator in a camping site disturbs the peace and quiet that campers paid to enjoy. The inspiration for the Grengine came from the founder having to walk past a noisy generator with two sleeping babies. In this case smelly gas fumes and noise were inspiration for the “Mother of the Invention” (see Alternatives Magazine article,

Emergency Response

Providing power in a wide variety of emergency settings including fire, medical, rescue, and floods. The Grengine can improve conditions for disaster relief which often cleans up buildings after floods with a fuel generator, increasing the risk for individuals trying to pump out water indoors. Workers trying to perform a rescue in a confined space will be able to safely use the Grengine for power and continue to replace batteries without having to move the generator. The Grengine can easily be transported for a medical emergency procedure anywhere, to safely power equipment with charged batteries as backup power on site. Features which would have been incredibly helpful to fire fighters during the Fort McMurray fires and the residents in southern Alberta who were trying to pump water out of flooded basements during the massive flooding in southern Alberta a few years ago.

Medical Backup

Canada has an aging population that requires increasingly more medical devices to use at home and while travelling. The Grengine Ultralight provides an uninterrupted power supply that is light weight and portable and can easily be lifted by able seniors and caregivers who capable of lifting 13 pounds. Growing Greener Innovations recently met with a seniors group to discuss how the Grengine can be adapted for health needs and specifically utilized by seniors. The response from seniors was that the product should be packaged to be attachable to devices used by seniors such as scooters. They were extremely responsive and enthusiastic about the Grengine’s possibilities for medical equipment and as back up during a power outage. Additionally, medical alert system lose power during power outages, a time when individuals are significantly higher risk of injury or the need of aid.

Modular Design

Technology companies too often practice planned obsolescence, constantly change connectors every couple of years forcing consumers to buy new accessories with any upgrade. Growing Greener by contrast builds all products in components that are interchangeable and designed to work for future products being developed. Plans for future products created by Growing Greener will use the same battery system as the one bought for the generator to minimize unnecessary waste and financial burden.

Growing Greener aims to continue lowering our environmental footprint by incorporating cleaner sources of energy as they become available. For instance, as new battery technology becomes available, we are able to continue making the same battery packs with a different battery material, we only need to maintain the same battery voltage. For the consumers, this means a new or additional battery can be purchased without the need to replace the Grengine cap which contains the inverter and electronics.


Growing Greener is seeking to increase the accessibility of portable power. This logically designed, lightweight, transportable unit is safe to use indoors and outdoors and can be used by most anyone, regardless of gender, age, or physical ability. The Grengine ultralight, for instance, can easily be carried in a scooter or wheelchair without adding more than 13 pounds of weight. This could have significant implications for quality of life and ability to access the community for those that require continual access to power.

For use in the developing world, the lightweight batteries that easily attach to the generator can be carried to a water pump or from home to a small stall on the side of the road. This can allow someone with limited resources to move power to where it is needed.

Health & Safety

In contrast to gasoline generators, the Grengine™ is a silent system, reducing noise pollution and improving health and safety standards for workers and individual house hold consumers.

• Users also benefit from the ultra-light weight of the Grengine™, which weighs only 13 lbs for the UltraLite and 24 lbs for the Grengine 1000. Hauling heavy gas generators often requires at least two people to lift and carry, with great risk for back injuries, as most are at least 100 pounds or more in weight.

• There are no risks of harmful and noxious gas spills when using battery generator. In contrast to fuel generators, The Grengine produces no noise at all and is emission free allowing work to be completed indoors and outdoors with no risks.

• Workers can achieve their tasks without the constant noise and the harmful fumes from gas generators. The efficiency of replaceable battery system, allows workers to stay on task without having to fill up the generator with fuel or carry multiple battery generators to the work site to keep the power continuously running. • Because the batteries can be easily removed from the Power Stack, they can be easily replaced and safely recycled without having to buy a new generator saving on costs.

Back Injuries

The Grengine Ultralight weighs 13 pounds and the Grengine 1000 weighs 24 pounds, including the 12 pound removal battery. The dry weight of most gas generators is often 100 pounds or more, meaning that even without fuel, such units require two adults to lift it. Therefore, these lightweight and portable generators allow workers on site to avoid injuries resulting from heavy lifting. It also supports hikers, hunters, fishers and campers who prefer to carry everything they need in a back pack. Construction and forestry workers who often use portable generators, are constantly lifting small engine equipment in and out of their trucks, which makes a 24 pound generator, compared to 100 pounds, safer to transport and use. Growing Greener has created a generator that is portable for anyone of any age with the appropriate handles to carry the equipment without risk.


The cordless Grengine increases safety in the workplace and reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls over an extension cord. The Grengine is so lightweight and easy to move, with proper handles to carry it, it can be set up easily and moved around for mobile work sites, such as construction, portable medical sites, film sets and trade shows. An important feature for many companies such as Brazilian company who recently contacted Growing Greener with interest in using the portable Generator to power a temporary work space by day that are restaurants and nightclubs at night.